Yvanne Niaka better known as Yvidero is an Ivoiro-Capverdean actress and humorist. The muse of several brands such as the South African telecommunications operator MTN, she became known to the public through her ‘Yvidero Show’ by adding spices to the realism of African societies.
Her talent as a comedian and actress is unanimously recognized – she plays in the series BarberShop on CANAL+, among others. Invited by the agency Star Event to perform in Lubumbashi, DRC, Yvidero agreed to answer Hamaji Magazine’s Proust-style questionnaire.

The virtue that you value most ?
Politeness which opens all doors.

Your favorite quality in others ?
Loyalty is undeniable. It is so rare these days that having a loyal person by your side is a blessing.

Your idea of happiness ?
Happiness for me is health as well as having my big family nearme.

Your idea of misfortune ?
Two very clear examples: the loss of my father and my son.

If you were not yourself, who would you have liked to be ?
If I wasn’t Yvidero, I would have wanted to be an excellent cardiologist to heal hearts in pain.

What do you hate most of all ?
What I hate is lie itself, the mother of all betrayal.

The traits that inspire you the most indulgence ?
I am a very forgiving person and I can be forgiving in many ways, but I shouldn’t overdo it.

The gift of nature that you would like to have ?
I wish I had the gift of healing the sick of all types of diseases just by making people smile.

What would you ask if the answer was ‘yes ’?
I would ask do you believe in God?

Your current state of mind ?
My current mood is TO ALWAYS BE JOYFUL, no matter how difficult life is.

Fb : Yvidero
Insta : @yvidero_officiel