Summer announced the beginning of the holidays for the African missioner. Europe for a month and a half in search of new emotions.

First stop: Luzern near Zurich, area renowned for the unique panorama offered by the Alps.

Dominated by a quest of the unknown and a complete change of scenery, my peerless guide and myself engage map in hand in a rather ambitious journey.

landscape swiss alpsOur goal: A 4-day trek to the blue waters of Lake Bannalp (1587m) hidden behind the intimidating Bannapler Schonegg, which majestically culminates to a 2250 meters altitude. Quite a significant challenge, as we must indeed cover a distance of 24 kilometers taking a seldom-followed itinerary and carrying backpacks weighing about 30 kilograms with as a GPS, 3 maps and an old compass.
The first kilometers already set the tone and we realize that we just embark on quite a physical challenge.
After 3 days of being surrounded by cattle herds, 2 nights in a brand new tent and luckily fully waterproof, a storm punctuated by hail, wind and thunder, a gourmet feast shared with a local farmer, 4 wafers of the best Swiss chocolate, a herd of chamois and countless laughs, aches and bruises, we finally reach the top of Bannapler Schonegg. A rather physical experience during which summiteers immerse themselves in a semi-meditation. The exceptional view and pride that can be felt once on top are really worth it. And when the fog clears up to reveal Lake Bannalp, turquoise diamond in its green setting, we congratulate ourselves. A train will then take us to Engelberg, a must both in summer and winter.

If you enjoy being always on the move, you will be pleased to hear that Engelberg offers varied activities (via ferratas, kayaking, fishing, climbing, golf and wildlife watching…).
Otherwise, if like me you’ve survived your first alpine hike and you feel like your body deserves a little treat, head the exquisite Spa of the Ramada Regina Titlis Hotel in Engelberg (booking: [email protected]).


The African Missioner