Will the two doses of v accine be enough to travel ?
It’s a given, your two doses of vaccine will be enough to travel this summer. And if you are not yet vaccinated, you can always do a PCR test before leaving, provided you have a negative result. According to the last report of June, at least 2 billion doses of anti-Covid vaccine have been injected in the world since the beginning of the vaccination campaigns. However, we infer the ability to bevaccinated remains a privilege, a luxury more readily available to the people of “high-income” countries. Although only home to 16% of humanity, the 37% of doses injected worldwide are magnetised to wealth, while so-called “low-income” countries receive only 0.3% of the doses. It’s no surprise that access to the COVID-19 vaccination sits on an unequal scale of distribution. Proving this point, 2.5 doses per 100 inhabitants ar recorded in African countries, compared to 87 in the United States and Canada, and 47 to 100 people in Europe.

The six countries in the world who still do not vaccinate include four
in Africa (Tanzania, Chad, Burundi, Eritrea), one in Asia (North Korea)
and one in the Caribbean (Haiti).

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