In each issue, Hamaji Magazine shares with you the Instagram universe of a traveller who has inspired us. If you wish to appear in this section, contact us and send us your photos.
A well-known Congolese influencer on social networks, Mack Wantashi, whose real name is Lionel Makwenge, is associated with various fields such as travel, photography and art.
Creative, Mack constantly seeks to photograph small corners of paradise within Africa in order to express himself, to tell a story but above all, to enhance Congolese art and culture, by adding his little “magic dust”.

Sélection photos – Légendes

#hellodakar-Sénégal-Panorama sans titre2-26
Dakar, Senegal. August 2018. Monument of the African Renaissance

N’sele, Kinshasa, DRC. May 2018. Mobutu’s Chinese Palace in N’sele.

Bas-Congo, DRC. November 2016. Sphere encapsulating part of the Zongo tourist site.

#nsele – Monument du soldat-RDC.011-1
Gombe, Kinshasa, DRC. September 2017. The soldier’s monument at the Forescom roundabout.