Throughout my readings, I recently came across this beautiful quote of Heraclitus: “You never swim twice in the same river. ”And all the rivers, both real and imaginary, flow into this other so precious Self, the shores of our childhood.
I said to myself, I have had wonderful trips, crossing vast borderless expanses, with no fear of either crossings, rivers or life.
We invited him in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The great Franco-Guinean writer Tierno Monémembo, free and committed, did us the great honour of publishing in this issue of Hamaji Magazine for you, dear readers, his nomadic letter entitled : “My Congo”.
In this month of April, we are taking you on new itineraries. I propose that you cross these invisible borders to discover our continent. And allow to sink in you the memory of each people, each encounter, and of known beings, for some, whose memory remains in us.

For those you not lucky enough to lay your hands on a hard copy of this issue of the magazine, please head to our website and download Hamaji Magazine for free.