The beret, sacred french fashion accessory has long been essential to our wardrobe. Crystal brings this must up to date and it is a pure happiness for us girls, eternal fashion addicts. In short, dressing up for winter has never been so pleasant…

Who is “The Real Crystal Birch”?

I am a creative whirlwind that creates hats and dress the people in the film industry. I love what I do and that’s why I manage to do so many things.

Why this passion for fashion and for how long have you been part of this industry?

It’s been 9 years that I am a stylist for fashion editorials, campaigns, catalogues, films and individual customers. I have always been fascinated by clothes and their deconstruction, and that since I was child. I wanted to specialize in something after my degree in fashion, and hatter came as obvious.

Where do you get all this inspiration and tell me more about these fantastic berets?

I wanted to create a more structured beret, but also unisex. If you look closely, they still reflect something militant, romantic or French.

Any exciting projects coming up soon?

YES! I will soon open a new store in Maboneng which is a trendy neighbourhood in Johannesburg, in a historic building, The Cosmopolitan. I will share this space with the talented Agata and her fragrance brand, House of Gozdawa.

Text : Nathalie Bardin

The Real Crystal Birch beret collection