We closed the 28th issue of the year 2020 under the direction of designer Laëtitia Kandolo, founder of the @uchawiworld brand, who gave me the great pleasure of accepting to be our editor-in-chief.
For those who are not yet familiar with her work, Laetitia Kandolo (@titiakandolo) is a Congolese designer who has dressed icons such as Beyonce or Kanye West.

With her and the contributors she wanted to feature in this issue, we will see “La vie en rose”, her favourite colour, during the penultimate quarter of 2020. Thanks to Laëtitia for this beautiful escape into her creative universe and through her plural, artistic and African peregrinations. While the great majority of African countries are still isolated, I am proud and happy to have successfully published this newest issue of Hamaji Magazine despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Today, many publishers and press groups around the world have had to trim down their activities, the sector being directly impacted by the economic crisis resulting from Coronavirus. Far from the expected prejudices about the “little interest” in publications by readers on the African continent, we are grateful to them for showing so much enthusiasm for the release of each of our publications, and their loyalty by following us on our social networks. I am grateful to them for their interest in the enormous amount of work we do to meet their demand for reading, for qualitative contents and for respecting the image of our countries.

I also thank the advertisers of Hamaji Magazine who support our work and our mobilisation to offer high quality reading content on the African continent, primarily in the DRC where we are based, and to the Hamaji Magazine readers around the world.

We look forward to continuing to publish new stories and keeping up with our publication schedules. We are confident that the press and media sector in Africa is in better shape than elsewhere, and that the writing sector will continue to prosper and be emulated by many others.
In calling for the resumption of economic activity in Africa and on our Earth, we send you positive messages. Enjoy reading this twenty-eighth issue of Hamaji Magazine, don’t forget to see “La Vie
En Rose” and take care of yourself.