BUMI is a humanitarian and development NGO based in Lubumbashi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Sarah Moser recently took over the coordination of the NGO, following her parents who founded BUMI in 1985.

Born in the DRC 32 years ago, Sarah Moser spent her childhood in Lubumbashi before leaving to follow a career as a Development Economist. She travelled between Rome, Brussels, Ouagadougou and Dakar. When she returned to her home town ten years later, she fell in love with it again. Since then, the young French-Congolese woman proudly claims her Katangese roots and puts all her energy to helping the poor and needy.
At “BUMI”, an NGO created by her parents thirty years ago, she caters for over a hundred orphaned or abandoned children, ensures their schooling and works towards their socio-professional reintegration. “These children are the future. If we want to unlock the DRC’s potential, we have to start with them. Like this country, there is so much wealth and beauty hidden in each of these kids who roam the streets or in these young people who suffer from a lack of training. A potential just awaiting to be released!”.










1 restaurant
The Farmer’s Market Restaurant
Luano City – Route de l’Aéroport n°1
Delicious food, great atmosphere and excellent location for travellers arriving in the Lubumbashi.
1 bar
Le Bananier
Avenue des Sports, direction stade Mazembe – Kamalondo
Kamal’ is the busiest neighbourhoods of Lubumbashi and the place to go for an after-work drink or for a good start to your weekend.

1 place to discover
Hiking trails of Kilima Simba
Road to Kipushi, just after the quarry Congo Store
Beautiful hiking trails and scenery across the hills, only 15km from the city.

1 iconic place
The Contemporary Art Gallery
National Museum of Lubumbashi – Asbl Dialogues
Best place in Lubumbashi for art lovers