In terms of culinary options, Bree Street, Cape Town recently became a must for all the foodies in search for something different.

Parallel to the timeless and legendary long street in central Cape Town, Bree Street was the happy victim of gentrification (process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas) that has transformed this once-quiet stretch in one of the trendiest culinary hotspots to be explored on foot. Today, art galleries, panel beaters workshops, modeling agencies and fancy boutiques hidden behind Bree street’s old victorian facades stand alongside the many ‘food bars’ that have flourished there during the recent months. Ingenious cocktails, mini burgers, delicious sandwiches, ‘botanical’ cuisine And mouthwatering brunches in a showroom filled with classic gleaming cars …

Take a walk with us on the new Bree Street, a gastronomic journey full of contrasts.

  • Sexy Food

After an early cancer scare followed by aggressive chemotherapy, James Kuiper has given up medications to devote himself

entirely to a diet inspired by the ancient art of indigenous fermentation and a comprehensive study of Southern African flora and its therapeutic virtues to restore good gut bacteria. This resulted in a new diet based on natural fermented or raw food that ultimately saved his life. Between the restaurant, a mix between a lab and a garden shed and the newly opened ‘nursery’’, true botanical garden in the heart of the city, Sexy Food is an amazing concept. All time favorites: the famous Komboochah, miso paste and kefir dairy products.
Address : 190 Bree Street –

Sexy food Bree Street Cape Town

  • Café Frank

This restaurant looks like a stylish Food Truck where Cape Town ‘working folks’ rush to at lunchtime. With its 100% organic menu with fresh salads, gourmet quiches, roast chicken, Café Frank has opted to offer its customers dishes made with love in a relaxed atmosphere at a pace comparable to that of fast foods – slow food, fast. This resulted in a huge success. The spinach / mushroom / goat cheese mini quiche and the carrot cake are divine.
Address : 160 Bree Street –

Cafe Frank Bree Street Cape Town

  • Arcade

Arcade opened recently but has become in a few months, a ‘place-to-be’. It is a mix between a contemporary New York-ish bar and a London pub that serves pizzas, burgers and salads until 11 in the evening. After a certain time, waiters push the tables against the walls and the soirée starts with glowing neon lights in an electro-SHOCK atmosphere!
Address : 152 Bree Street –

Arcade Bree Street Cape Town

  • Clarke’s

Clarke’s is an ‘old classic’ that has become over the years the headquarters of brunch enthusiasts – it is actually one of the few restaurants offering appetizing breakfast formulas all day long. With its minimalist ambience and creepers, Clarke’s has everything of a Swedish coffee shop where toothsome French toasts, smashed avocado toasts with hollandaise sauce eggs Benedict can be enjoyed by the restaurant’s bar.
Address : 133 Bree Street –

Clarke's Bree Street Cape Town

  • Inside and you’re out

Open since 2013, IYO created a buzz among the Capetonians with its unique gourmet burgers. The burger patty is filled with artisan cheeses and other delicious ingredients. But happiness is not only inside the burger. IYO only works with local suppliers and focuses on reducing the impact of human beings on the environment by only using ethical products. According to them, ‘what makes our burgers so good on the inside is what we’ve put in from the outside’. Their truffle sauce burger is a killer!
Address : 103 Bree Street –

Inside and You're out, Bree Street, Cape Town

  • Dapper Coffee Co.

Dapper opened its doors in December 2015. ‘A “dapper” man is a sophisticated, well dressed man who is into sports cars and a real business man’, explains Alex Molsen, owner of Dapper Coffee Co – our last stop. ‘I’ve always dreamed of owning a coffee shop and my father is a big fan of old classic cars. One day he found this place and called me, saying ‘I found the perfect spot for your coffee shop’.” The restaurant part of the space is bright and sophisticated. The staff is super friendly. You’ll love the combo chickpeas poached egg, crispy pancetta on their slice of sourdough bread. Notonly is Dapper a delight for the taste buds, but one would also be well-advised to taste their delicious coffee and admire the old Porsches, Ferraris and Alfa Romeos aligned in the showroom … a feast for the eyes!
Address : Intersection between Bree and Strand Street

Capper Coffee Co Bree Street Cape Town

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