Interview with Paulette, winemaker and entrepreneur based in Cape Town.
My name is Pauline aka Paulette, I’m 30 years old and I’m a French entrepreneur based in Cape Town for several years. Originally from the South of France, I grew up in the middle of vineyards and by the sea. At a very young age, I developed a passion for wine which led me to study agriculture. Curious and independent by nature, I very quickly understood the benefits of this profession; combining travel, cultural encounters and working with the land. I spent a few years backpacking, following the seasons of the harvest (Australia, Oregon, New Zealand, Mexico, Italy) and taking advantage of my months off to discover Asia. My “last stop” before returning home was South Africa, more particularly the Swartland region, where a small group of passionate young winemakers were making a buzz in the wine industry because of their philosophy and their respect for nature. I completely fell in love with the country, its history, the personalities I met along the way, and I decided to settle there. After 4 years spent working for a local estate, I decided to leave everything to start my own business. Today, I produce 2 wines, Bosberaad & Vino pH, both natural wines from organic farming.

After many encounters and incongruous opportunities, I wanted to share my love for the Swartland region. I started by developing ‘experiences’ and ‘workshops’ to attract the attention of South Africans, but very quickly, curiosity developed among my friends and importers! I then decided to complete a tour guide diploma and opened my travel agency Vinopaulette through which I organise tailor-made holidays for individuals, with a focus on wine and gastronomy. My passion for well-being and essential oils has recently led to a new project: the creation of natural cosmetics, “Paulette Coquette”, products that respect both nature and Women.

My 5 favorite places in the Western Cape:
+ Kalmosfontein for a stay in Swartland – at Adi Badhenhorst’s, a gentleman I hold in high esteem for his work and his generosity.
+ The Cederberg for the most beautiful mountains of the Western Cape
+ Publik Wine Bar in Cape Town for the best selection of new South African winemakers
+ Wolfgat, for a unique and refined seaside cuisine
+ Leeu Spa in Franshoek, for the best massages…

Follow Paulette’s news via her Instagram account @vino.paulette.