Cia Dm, whose real name is actually Patricia De Moura, is from Lubumbashi, DRC, where she spent her childhood, adolescence and much of her life.
After high school, she chose to put aside her ambitions to join her lover who was already working in Congo. She terminates her studies at the music conservatory. Together they will build a small aviation company that today bears the name of AIR FAST CONGO and serves many different routes in Katanga.

Artist at heart, the young woman who was completely devoted to her family during all those years, returns to her childhood passion: music. Being a songwriter, she releases a colourful first album in French, English and Swahili. The eclectic sounds like the ones in the title of the album take us to a journey between Congo, South Africa, Belgium.

Aware of the artistic potential of her home country, her greatest artistic desire today is to participate in the musical and cultural development of the DRC.

When on vacation where do you spend most of your time: in the city, on the beach or out and about exploring nature?

Vacation, to me, is synonym of beach, sun, and nature. I have been very fortunate to travel a lot in my life and to discover many different continents and cultures.

Describe the trip in 3 words

Travelling is a great way to open your mind and to realize how many of us are living on this earth. The richness of human culture and its history is endless. We have so much to learn… 

What is your dream destination?

My dream trip is TIBET, a retreat in the heart of meditation. And Buddhism, I find it very appealing… 

What is your favourite place in the world?

Kasenga, the village where I spend most of my weekends and holidays since my youngest age. It is located a 3 hours drive from Lubumbashi and we own a camp there. It is a beautiful place. Not very far from the city but yet it seems to be out of touch. I try to spend some time in Kasenga as often as I can.

A hotel ?

Pangor Laut Resort in Malaysia, a dream location…

Your favourite restaurant in the world?

NOBU, Japanese restaurant in the Bahamas … incredibly delicious, I have never eaten so well in my life… Fine dining, a blend of unique flavours. 

On an island what would you take with you?

An iPod with solar charger (someone first has to invent it!), my guitar and a loads of spiritual books.

A journey back in time…

The childhood of my boys when they were respectively in 7 and 4 … a great complicity between them, much love. For them, I sometime became football coach, and I loved seeing all the children together reunited by the love of sport, beautiful moments.

Your last trip

Mauritius at the Club Med Canonniers.

Your next trip

Brazil in July.

What question would you ask if the answer was “yes”???

For my children to have the privilege to live long, healthy, always united with the opportunity to travel a lot.