In the republic of Congo (Congo Bazza), near the heart of geographical Africa, there is an almost mythical place of amazing biodiversity. Odzala is a place that few people have had the chance to visit. Hamaji magazine invites you to discover an exceptional new site in Africa.

Located in the remote northwest of Congo, Odzala-kokoua park, which was created in 1935 by the french administration, is one of the oldest national parks in Africa. It covers 13600 km2 of primary tropical forest and is an integral part of the Congo basin and the tridom transboundary park that straddles Gabon, Congo and Cameroon. It is larger than the Bahamas, Jamaica.

It is home to the world’s second largest forest after the Amazonian forest. Odzala, which is one of the lungs of our planet, plays a vital role in the climate and mainly in the fight against climate change.


Ngaga camp
Ngaga camp, located just outside the park boundary in the ndzehi concession, overlooks a beautiful open clearing in a primary forest above a forest stream. Ngaga is a world-class gorilla reserve. A focal point for research. Ngaga camp’s unique design evokes the poetry of houses in the trees of childhood. From the six elevated rooms, you can admire the magnificent view of the forest. As in lango, the camp is built from natural materials using traditional techniques.

Mboko’s camp
The biggest camp. Mboko’s 12 guest rooms are located along the banks of a tributary of the Lekoli River. Located in a lush savannah area, the meadows are frequented by buffalo, forest elephant and spotted hyena. Mboko offers you spectacular stargazing opportunities before you fall asleep to the sound of the flowing water to meet the Congo River. It also provides access to nearby villages at the park’s borders, where you can meet and interact with the locals.

Lango camp
Lango’s six guest rooms are set in the surrounding forest, and offer one of the most amazing views in a camp in Africa. You will witness the migration of green pigeons and grey parrots, herds of buffaloes and forest elephants at night. A real highlight of your stay in lango is the exploration of the lekoli and mambili rivers by motorboat, traditional pirogue or even kayak. Lango is also one of the few places in Africa where you can safely explore streams and marshes on foot – a truly immersive experience!


Go to there
Odzala is accessible by road or by air from Brazzaville.
For more information on travel arrangements and accommodation, contact the camp. [email protected]