Nicholas Dorsey is an accomplished American storyteller, filmmaker, director, and photographer. He is passionate about telling compelling stories through video and photo. As a Northern California native, Nicholas feels at home when he is near the water. In his hometown of San Francisco, Nicholas can be found surfing, mountain biking, or enjoying a local burrito. Nicholas spent the fall of 2018 studying abroad at University of Cape Town, South Africa. From his apartment in Rondebosch, Nicholas fell in love with the country’s scenery, people, and culture of South Africa. His passion for travel and exploration took him camping through Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, capturing his adventure through his lens. Nicholas has pursued his passion in filmmaking by producing several short documentary series, most recently a documentary film about surfing culture in Louisiana. He has hopes to combine his passions for travel and politics as he moves forward in his career.

Pêcheur Mokoro dans le delta de l'Okavango

A traditional Mokoro ride through the Okavango Delta


Reflets sur le fleuve Zambèze

Reflections of the sunset in the Zambezi River.


Lion mâle se prélassant au soleil après un repas copieux

A male lion basking in the sun after a big meal.


L’une des piscines secrètes de la fameuse randonnée de Crystal Pools

A secret pool along the Crystal Pools hike.


La voie lactée au-dessus des huttes au Botswana

The Milky Way over huts in Botswana.


Surfeurs profitant des derniers rayons de soleil à Camps Bay

Surfers catching the last rays of sunlight in Camps