Many visitors to Las Vegas dream of road tripping to the grand canyon, but there is actually a lot more to the region.
Have you ever thought of spending your Christmas and new year’s holiday in a place that is not crowded, with clear blue skies and breathtaking views. If so, your next call should be to rent a car after spending a few days in las vegas, and head to Arizona and Utah.

Most tourists would fly to the Grand Canyon, but you could take the long way around, stopping first to visit the Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. On the next day, while staying in Page, you would enjoy the amazing views of Horseshoe Bend and visit photographers’ dreamland: Antelope Canyon. From Page, you could also go on a full day trip to the Grand Canyon. Bear in mind, the North Rim will be closed over the winter, so you have no other option than to drive all the way to the South Rim. The best is to leave Page early in the morning for what is a day trip of a lifetime to Monument Valley. Most people could not tell you where this place is on any map. But once you see the pictures, you know that you have entered a real fantasy. Depending of your age, the place will remind you of the best Western movies. If you are a little younger, you will remember the run of Forrest Gump, or the ride of Back to the Future. You could sleep right into Monument Valley, with the most amazing views to wake up to, in the lodge owned by the local Navajo Indian Tribe. If on a budget, you will drive after your visit all the way to Moab. Your next stop will be the Arches National Park and Canyonlands. Your eyes won’t believe that such a place does exist. And you will wonder why you did not plan this trip earlier. Why not spend New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas for some fun and the best sales around? Do come prepared, the weather will be wonderful, but seriously cold, you can expect morning temperatures around -20c! This is cold, but you won’t feel it, as the weather is very dry. And with some luck, you will even bump into some wildlife running in the snow. To end up this amazing trip, you could drive north to Salt Lake City, for some serious skiing and amazing snow in Park City or Alta, also known as skiers’ wonderland.

Texte et photos Pierre-Alexandre Van de Walle