After a career in marketing and advertising for big multinationals in South Africa, Alain Yav decided to leave the corporate world in 2004. With a group of friends, he founded Pygma Group from an acronym of their initials : Paul, Yav, Gatarayiha, Mandla, Alain.

1995 :  Wits University –JHB-South Africa. Marketing and Financial Accounting

1995 :  The Advertising Agency Grey Worldwide

1997:  The group Procter & Gamble (P&G)

2001:  The chocolate manufacturer Cadbury Schweppes

2005:  Back to DRC in 2005 as the head of the Communication department of Pygma Group.


When on vacation, where do you spend most of your time: in the city, on the beach or out and about exploring nature?

It really depends on…seasons…my mood …

  • Sometimes, I can be a real ‘city slicker’, a man of the city. I like big cities, meeting different people, discovering new places… It goes beyond the spaces, arts, cultures and gastronomy …
  • However sometimes I rather want to escape the city, far from everything… And I love the water…the river… the ocean…

Describe the trip in three words. Holidays or Business?

Holiday is synonym of :

  1. Relaxing
  2. Celebrating
  3. Discovering

Business is synonym of:

  1. Stress
  2. Comfort
  3. Efficiency

Where is your dream destination?

I’m not sure if it is Dakar, Cape Town or Rio.

I am usually constantly stressed in my everyday life, but on holiday any constraint melts away …No business meetings, no timetable, no responsibilities. I take some time to enjoy the simple things and I let my instinct decide for me.

On holiday, no more ceaseless tick-tock sound of clock; everything is permitted.

What is your favourite place in the world?

Home, at sunset. For me, the sunset has a remedial effect. I find myself again, gather strength and get revitalised. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that often: at that time of the day, there’s a 99% chance that I will still be at work.

Favourite hotel?

A secret spot, a boutique hotel in Stellenbosch in the middle of the vineyards

Your favourite restaurant in the world?

The Thomas Maxwell restaurant in Parkmore, Johannesburg

On an island, what would you take with you (key items)?

Fingers crossed, there won’t be any internet on this island… My music, speakers, I Phone, laptop, havaianas, kikoyis, white wine …

Back in time…

My 40th birthday, cruising on the river and partying on the sandbank with my family and friends coming from all over the world…an unforgettable weekend…

Your last trip:

Johannesburg; business

Your next trip:

Paris on holiday in two weeks. I can’t wait!

Key dates

24 Juin  … Guess why

Your most sentimental objects:

When I’m travelling, everything is locked in the house. When I am far away from the usual stress, completely cut off from the world without any access to internet or telephone, then comes the time to think, and I can also be very productive on my computer.