Hamaji Magazine met Nick Dutton one of the creator of the African surf brand Mamy Wata. He shares with us his African surfing adventure.

“Mami Wata” is West African pidgin English literally meaning ‘Mama Water’… ‘Mother Ocean’ if you prefer. From Madagascar to Morocco, Liberia to Mozambique, Mami Wata is the African water spirit who appears in the shape of a mermaid. It is said that those who she takes for her lovers, return with a new spirit and become more successful and good looking.
We started Mami Wata because of love 
and belief. Our love for surfing, design and Africa. Our belief in the power of 
African surf.

About me.

I was born in Johannesburg, but grew up just outside London. Every Easter we went on holiday to Salt Rock in KZN. This is where I fell in love with the Indian Ocean and surf. After university, I travelled a lot around southern Africa. Lots of adventures! I started my career in advertising in Joburg and then worked in London. I travelled the world for clients, helping them sell cars, chocolates, and engine oil! Mami Wata has brought together lots of things I love. Surf. Creativity. Design. Ideas. Film. Photography. The sea. Travel. Adventure. The environment. Dream job!

About Mami Wata

It was started by three friends that are passionate about Africa, surf and design. Africa’s got some of the world’s best waves and yet there aren’t any brands telling that story. We also think there is an incredible design story that was crying to be told in a new and fresh way. All the big surf brands are American or Australian and make products that look the same, perform the same, and are produced in the same factories in Asia. We wanted to tell the story of African surf culture and make quality apparel products and accessories in Africa with African materials. We also want to be a force for good, by connecting the world to the Power of African Surf. We launched in April 2017, now the UK, and then the US.


5 favourite places in Cape Town.

I’m a long boarder, so for me Muizenberg is a favourite spot. It’s my local. It can get a bit busy, but when it’s working it’s a treat. You’re also likely to see whales and seals when you’re out.

Bean There Coffee, Wale Street, CT
Bean There Coffee Company is South Africa’s first roaster of Certified Fairtrade coffee and they strive to make a sustainable difference in the lives of African coffee producers by personally sourcing quality coffee through direct fair trade. Their café on Wale Street can take you on a taste tour of Africa!

Dalebrook Tidal pool, between St. James and Kalk Bay

If the surf’s not working, the best way to start the day is a swim at Dalebrook. It’s one of the most beautiful pools along the coast, it seamlessly melds into the ocean. Get there early, do some lengths and then go for breakfast in Kalk Bay.

The Botanical Bar – 160 Longmarket Street, Cape Town.

These guys make the best drinks using indigenous botanicals. Sit at the bar and take a tour of southern Africa. Try ‘The Cederberg’. Delicious.

The Bo-Kaap

This neighbourhood represents the history, diversity and challenges of Cape Town. Here you’ll meet wonderful and welcoming people with stories that’ll have you hanging on every word.

Kloof Street

This street in the heart of the Cape Town city bowl has just got a vibe. Restaurants. Bars. Shops. Cafés. Business. It’s what a great city should feel like. Day and night there is always stuff happening.

Contact us
34 Kloof Street – mamiwatasurf.com