Congo River. The current is strong. The river majestic . The Majestic River engines are roaring…

We will not exceed 7 miles an hour, our cruising speed.

On board Majestic RiverA fifteen days journey to reach Akula’s harbour in the province of Equateur. More than 1100 km, we will travel up-river on a tributary of the Congo river : the Monguala. A big challenge for the Majestic River. 

The boat is an incredible monster. 45 meters long, three bridges. The first offers cabins that ensure an optimal comfort. The second is the heart of the social life of the majestic river. his bar, lounges and dining, rooms, terrace…

Dinner on Majestic River boatA water treatment plant is installed on board and produces eight hundred liters of drinking water per hour. A luxury. On the food and drinks supply side, we won’t lack anything. behind the stoves are operating some of the best chefs in Kinshasa.

Here, the rare boats make the show. Barges that arrive safely by miracle. Families live on wooden rafts. Carried by the river, they will reach the port of Maluku where they sell their goods. In the immensity of water where the only islands that are scattered on the river are all shorelines, life flows peacefully. Since the villages of huts on stilts, fishermen’s children are waving their hands. On the river, the drum also works. Canoes come to us. Fish, vegetables, everything here is organic.

Majestic River

The spectacle of the river life pace our days. A cigar, a last whiskey or beer on the deck to listen to the silence of the african night. Then the sleep comes to pick you. Tomorrow is another day… Equateur is in sight. The faithful of Mamy Wata organize the crossing of the line. An easy-going initiation ceremony is formalized through the delivery of a diploma.

Night falls on Mbandaka, capital of Equateur province. For the first time in ten days, we go ashore. Local authorities honor the Majestic River. Welcome speech, folk dances … here is the end of our journey.  The scenery changes. The forest bordering the banks seems more and more impenetrable. soon the estuary of the mongola and the moment of truth: there have never been any boats of this size that have managed to go through it. We are all on deck. The river seems so narrowed. Fishing villages seem to be within easy reach.
The river is celebrating. The arrival of the Majestic River has been spread over the water. Akula finally! On the port, all have been waiting for hours. the majestic river met the challenge. The Majestic River met the challenge.

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Texte & photos : Jean-Luc Delsemme