This month we fall deep into the luxurious and voluptuous world of the new “boutique” to be in Cape Town, Maison Mara.

A “chic” boutique where luxury brands and design are just one was Kelly Mara’s challenge. Beautifully located in the Waterkant in Cape Town, find out why this place is just a women’s heaven!

Maison Mara 2Who is Kelly?

I grew up in Africa and moved to Paris to study fashion design. After working in the fashion industry for several years, I decided to export my love of fashion to South Africa and Maison Mara was born.

Why the name Maison Mara?

The name of the store is an expression of both my French and African heritage as I was named “Mara” after the Masai Mara in Kenya, where my parents fell in love. And “Maison” represents the parisian couturiers and their fashion houses that led me to start my own establishment.

Why the idea of opening a luxury boutique?

Maison Mara is a space that represents everything I wanted to bring with me from Paris, such as all my favorite clothes brands as well as candles from Costes and Lola James Harper, alternative fashion Magazines like Purple, Pop and Spleen Factory to name but a few and of course the best art books on offer from Phaidon.

Why did you choose those specific brands?

The concept was to create an eclectic selection of ready to wear brands ranging from Petit Bateau basics to Proenza Schouler handbags passing by Acne jeans and finishing off with Michel Vivien shoes! As a woman, I rarely wear one brand from head to toe and like to mix and match different styles and also different price ranges, so I wanted to give my clients an opportunity to do that all in one space.

Who’s the perfect Maison Mara customer?

Anyone reading this article!


Maison Mara :


Photos: Nathalie Bardin & Jean Marc Lederman

Texte: Nathalie Bardin