Born in Likasi, DRC in March 1985 Kris Vega had a happy childhood in Lubumbashi. 2002, Kris leaves the DRC for Belgium where he will start his university studies as a commercial engineer in Louvain-La-Neuve.

He joined a Swiss commodity trading company where he worked from 2009 to date, starting in Switzerland before moving later back to the DRC. He is now based in South Africa. In 2016 Kris obtained a certificate of competency from the South African school dj4Life and created the international label Electro Dance Kris Vega. Kris Vega is regularly invited to perform in many DRC and South African festivals. He also performs in the prestigious nightclubs of Movida in Johannesburg as well as the Madison Avenue in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
Kris is always willing to participate in new musical events in other African countries to share his Electro Dance musical culture.

When on vacation where do you spend most of your time: in the city, on the beach or out and about exploring nature?


Describe the trip in 3 words.

Discovery, adventure, exchange 

What is your dream destination?

Indonesia or the Seychelles

What is your favourite place in the world?

De Schorre, Boom in Belgium during the Tomorrowland festival.

A hotel


Your favourite restaurant in the world?

My mom, Marie

On an island what would you take with you?

If I don’t answer ‘my wife’, I’m going to be in trouble… Otherwise my computer and headphones.

A journey back in time…

The end of the presentation of my University thesis.  

Your last trip

Peru / Chili

Your next trip

Mauritius or Thailand

What question would you ask if the answer was “yes”???

Would it be possible for Kris Vega to perform a set on the main stage of a big international festival in 2017?

Key dates

1 October 2009:  My first day of work in a Swiss commodity trading company

At the sentimental level: My wedding day, 31 October 2016.

On the musical level: 4 March 2017.  First mini festival, EDM in DRC, for my brother’s 30th birthday with Kris Vega as a special guest.

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