Komodo, the place may seem so far away, and still, it is just next door from Bali. A total escape…

There are no road around here, it is all about going on a boat. You can do it for a day from Flores Island, or why not, and way better, for a little multi-day cruise! You will find the dragons only on Komodo Island and Rinca Island, both part of the Komodo National Park. The massive reptiles are fast enough to kill a young human, so here walks are guided by the rangers.

Komodo dragon

But Komodo National Park is not only a land of dragons and volcanos, it is also one of the best place to dive or snorkel in the world. From the mantas at Manta Alley, to the beautiful macro life. You will meet endemic amazing small creatures, just keep your eyes open. Make sure you do chose the right cruise to explore the area. The waters here are treacherous with very strong current that have led to some serious accidents.   Best time to visit Komodo, as well as Bali are the months of July and August! Time to book your next flight and few amazing days cruising those beautiful waters!

Snorkeling in Komodo


Text & photos Pierre-Alexandre Van De Walle