We all dream of a holiday with great beaches, the sun, the sea and some amazing food. This place would be relax,slightly remote but offering all the comforts we need for a wonderful time, with friends, family or even on your own. We found it, I name Koh lipe

If you have never heard of Koh lipe, it’s quite normal. There is no island further from Bangkok in Thailand. The closest airport is actually the one of Langkawi, few kilometers away, but in Malaysia. Arriving from Africa, you will either land in Singapore and transfer to Langkawi, before a short taxi ride to the ferry terminal and a one hour fast ferry to your paradise beach. From Bangkok, it’s a 90 minutes flight to Hat Yai, than a 90 minutes taxi transfer followed by another 90 minutes on a speed boat. 

There are no cars on Lipe, not even a ferry terminal. You land on the beach, and you either  walk or take a moto-taxi around the island. Beaches are just beautiful and you will find some of the best seafood the all of Thailand has to offer.  Your days will be spent on the beach, or having a famous Thai massage, but you could decide to get more active too. 

Lipe provides some of the best diving in Thailand. You don’t even need to have dived before, the team at Forra diving will take care of you, that you are experienced or not. The diving will open a new universe of  amazing underwater life, from spotting a whalesharks, rarer  sadly these days  to fishes of hundred of colors.

To enjoy this wonderful underwater, if diving is not for you, why not rent a local long tail boat and go snorkeling around the islands. Other option would be to try your first experience at kite surfing. All of this is on offer in Lipe!

Sunset is always a major event in Lipe, ready for a drink in a place that offer one of the best vibe in Thailand. You won’t be alone here, those in the know have found this paradise, ready to share a great meal of grilled seafood, making new friends around a cocktail deep into the evening .Koh lipe is awaiting your visit!