The favelas of Brondo and Kibera, Nairobi and Lubumbashi, share a chaotic environment: places of disorder or disaster, sometimes both.

Swamps of desolation. The man blends in this tangled mess before fading completely. He dives into a universe that absorbs him as he becomes engulfed; buried. He disappears. He becomes invisible.
The artist Trésor Malaya creates in his work a kind of confrontation, a reconciliation rather, between Brondo and Kibera. The artist actually emphasises the contrast between a tangled mess or urban chaos and the search for purity in creation.

Painting, installation, performances, Trésor Malaya slowly turns it into an artwork, sometimes on canvas, sometimes through a piece of theatre.  It allows him to embody the artistic impulses of these suburbs in which, notwithstanding, the spontaneity, the life, reveal their freshness and optimism, their own music.

Découverte Trésore Malaya 4

Painter, performer and designer, Trésor Malaya lives in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His work is regularly showcased in Kinshasa, and he has also exhibited at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Dialogues and the Halle de l’Etoile of Lubumbashi. Between late May and mid-August 2014, he was invited to stay at the International Artistic Residence of the Kuona Trust in Nairobi, known as Africa’s largest art centre. This trip ended with an exhibition at the same gallery in Kenya.

Kefar Nahum-City, The Lesson from the Invisible was showcased in New York in December 2014 as part of a group exhibition at the Afro Art East Africa gallery and in the Art Contemporan Gallery Dialogues, Lubumbashi, DRC in 2015.


Text Marie-Aude Priez