He travels from a continent to another, projects emotions, experiences, encounters and his worldview on canvas …

He moved to Ivory Coast in 2009, and holds his first exhibition in Abidjan in 2013. In 2014 and 2015, Kadarik created the Expo restaurant’s concept to host exhibitions in restaurants and other atypical settings.

1972 : My birth in Champagne (France)

1999 : Birth of my first paintings

2001 : My first exhibition at the Citée Des Images d’Epinal under the impulse of artist Kamel ATTAB

2007 : My arrival in Côte d’Ivoire – Abidjan

2009 : The year I met my fiancee

When on vacation where do you spend most of your time: in the city, on the beach or out and about exploring nature?

I love cities for their turmoil, architecture, tags and graffiti, art galleries, restaurants …

Describe the trip in 3 words.

Artistic, atypical, gastronomical

What is your dream destination?

The desert of Saudi Arabia for its vastness where only silence is king

What is your favorite place in the world?

At home (wherever it could be). I like to find myself in my cocoon that allows me to create and unleash my artistic impulses’

Favorite hotel?

Hotel Dar Sabra in Marrakech-Palmeraie: the Hotel owns many great artworks by inspiring artists such as Richard DI ROSA, Peter STAMPFLI, SATORU SATO, Rodrigo SOLORZANO

Your favorite restaurant in the world?

The beef bar in Monaco, Kobé’s specialist.

On an island what would you take with you?

My fiancee and Misaki and Shogun, my 2 rottweilers

Back in time…

No thanks; I’d rather devote myself to the future

Your last trip:

Monaco with my family

Your next trip:

Russia: Visiting Moscow and St Petersburg, including the Erarta museum, which is the largest private museum of Russian contemporary art.

What would you ask for if the answer was “yes”?

Take me to the moon.