Chef Jean-Luc L’Hourre and its gastronomy that creates happiness.

On invitation of the French Embassy in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the starred chef Jean Luc L’Hourre travelled to Kinshasa for the first time for the Goût de France 2019 gastronomic event. This virtuoso of French gastronomy exchanged with the chefs who participated in the event about what unites them all: their passion for cooking.
He’s a traveler. Jean-Luc L’Hourre has been passionate about cooking since he was a child and was elected Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Worker in France), in Lannilis, near Brest in Finistère.
He has worked in the most prestigious establishments such as Taillevent, Lasserre and La Tour d’Argent, and has been awarded three Michelin® stars. A true recognition of his talent. He also shared his experience of gastronomy at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon.

Gastronomy is a journey

Jean-Luc L’Hourre has always been a lover of gastronomy and in particular seafood products. He docked his ship in Olmeto, Corsica at the end of 2013, to share his know-how and the precision of his culinary art.
An immense joy for the Marinca******* Hotel & Spa, which welcomed the Meilleur Ouvrier to work in his prestigious kitchen.
Jean-Luc L’Hourre, Chef of the Hotel Marinca’s gourmet restaurant, offers a delicate and refined cuisine, made essentially with Corsican products, from local producers, with whom he works hand in hand.
This meticulous chef offers dishes looking as pretty as they are gourmet, seducing all the senses of his customers. A succulent cuisine that is full of subtlety and freshness. If ypu have not yet been to Corsica, Hamaji Magazine invites you to leave for a taste escapade in the footsteps of Jean-Luc L’Hourre.
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His favourite places:

Favorite restaurant: Le petit restO – Rue Bonaparte – Ajaccio
Favorite bar: l’Escale Landéda in Brittany – +33 2 98 04 90 11
A city to discover: Bonifacio in South Corsica
An iconic place: the Lighthouse of the Virgin Island in Brittany.