75% of Americans who had a positive image of Corona beer were only 51% at the beginning of March, and dozens of Parisians, Londoners or New Yorkers of Chinese origin were assaulted without reason!
In our sector, tourism, all the indicators are in the red. For example, the 60% drop in sales of flights to Thailand. The “land of smiles”, however, had fewer infection cases in March than in Europe.

One thing is certain, our industry is likely to suffer heavy consequences. The shock is already severe and everything suggests that this is only the beginning, unfortunately.

One of the few pieces of news that could give us cause for celebration in these dark times is that the economic slowdown will help to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions in 2020. And the Wuhan ’s beautiful blue sky, which has not been seen for years, will most certainly trigger hundreds of environmental protection vocations!
Of course, we are hoping and praying for a resumption of economic activity, especially tourism in Africa. We are convinced that this industry is a tool for growth and job creation as well as a source of foreign money injection. Tourism is also an intangible treasure for peace and the sometimes tarnished
image of our countries.
In 2020, we will continue our explorations of the African continent. We propose an immersion in the Kalahari. Let us share a moment in the history of the continent through the memory of the DRC’s independence. Saudade, saudade…
Let us sing to Cape Verde’s rhythms.
Happy reading to all the eco warriors out there!