The camera as an extension of the gaze. Light, composition and balance. People and
situations in everyday life. “Ex-Patriate” is a way out of our own comfort zone: the
Homeland. It is the way to take advantage of the opportunity to observe what is
commonplace in another way. The new one that triggers curiosity.

Artur Carvalho, born in Lisbon, amateur photographer and graduate in Product Design in
London, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. He left Portugal to study in England
but it was in Angola that he started working in 2007. Advertising and visual culture
contaminate his passion for photography. On the other hand, photography is part of his work
as creative director of several brands. He has received several awards for his photos, such
as on Your Shot, National Geographic’s international website. Photography is a universal
language; it does not need a homeland or a translation. It has no borders. Only Art.