He who does not travel,
He who does not read,
He who does not listen to music,
He who does not know how to find favor in his eyes.

He dies slowly
He who destroys his self-esteem,
He who never lets himself be helped.

He dies slowly
He who becomes a slave to habit,
Repeating the same paths every day,
He who never changes his bearings,
Never ventures to change the color of his
Clothes, or who never talks to a stranger.

He dies slowly
The one who avoids passion and its whirlwind
Of emotions
Those that put the light back in the eyes and
Mends wounded hearts.

He dies slowly
The one who does not change course, when he is
Unhappy, at work or in love,
The one who does not take risks to realize
His dreams,
He who, not once in his life, has shunned
From sensible advice.

Live now!
Risk today!
Act now!
Don’t let yourself die slowly!
Don’t deprive yourself of being happy!