As I write this, we are celebrating a very sad anniversary. It’s been a year since the Covid-19 economy put the world’s economy to sleep, slowed travel, shrank the space for our individual freedoms, and imposed a piece of cloth as the new code of decorum and manners.

Thanks to you, we have continued to produce magazines, appointment after appointment, we have unrolled on the machines of our printers kilometers and kilometers of story of travel in Africa, more than ever convinced that “the heart” of everything is well on this old continent which is reinventing itself despite everything.
Number 31. For our editorial team, each issue is a magic number. More free reading in Africa, in the DRC, the largest French-speaking country in the world. But also accessible to the digital fairy elsewhere on the continent and around the world.
Education, teaching, culture are food, and free reading is at the heart of my project, of our project, since I started this job, my mission as a publisher in Africa.

Hamaji Magazine continues its exploration of the African continent. In this new issue, we are particularly pleased to welcome the work of award-winning photographer Raïssa Karama Rwizibuka. We take you on a life-size cruise to Victoria Falls. Ten reasons to discover or (re)discover the Democratic Republic of Congo. The 2020 winner of the Louis Roederer Prize at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles, François-Xavier Gbré, uses the language of architecture as a witness to memory and social change. The artist is preparing a solo exhibition at the Galerie Cécile Fakhoury, which will welcome him to Abidjan in September 2021.

Our heart is at work to give this project even more meaning, even more amplitude whatever the challenges, and they are many in these times of pandemic. Thank you for reading us, thank you for following us on social networks.