Surrounded by the breathtaking Nyiragongo volcano and lake Kivu, Goma is filled with surprising places and is a real eden of relaxation and discovery.
Towering at 1,500 meters of altitude, and housed amid the Virunga volcanic chain, Goma is aerated by an extremely refreshing and invigorating climate. For athletes, many paths to walk throughout the city used to trudge on the lava rivers either leaving from the airport or by leaving from the city to reach the lake. The few houses built on lava tirelessly surprise visitors. The dark waters of Lake Kivu which, depending on the weather, occasionally offer a striking turquoise color give the opportunity to indulge a jet ski ride, a kayaking adventure around the pigs islands, and eventually to enjoy a night-club style evening cruise.

Boats on Kivu Lake, Goma

Goma always has something to offer to satisfy the Epicureans. For breakfast, a short stop over at «Au Bon Pain» is a must. In her headquarters of the Kivu coffee lovers, Vanessa offers delicious pastries and rather mouthwatering menu for lunch. Looking for happy hour spots? Only one place: «The Chalet» which welcomes its guests on Wednesday night either in its open bar along the lake or in its warm woody restaurant room where delicious world cuisine can be enjoyed. Planning a relaxed weekend? Its shady garden by the lake is ideal. Why not treating yourself with a night in a luxurious setting and have delicious food concocted with fresh products?

Tearoom In Goma, DRC

A place not to be missed is «The Lake Kivu Lodge”, that welcomes travelers in its beautiful site famous for its flower garden overlooking the lake. You could perhaps meet celebrities like Akon and Jude Law as well as a number of renowned chefs.

Lake Kivu Lodge

For the bravest and adventure enthusiasts, the mountain gorillas can observed a few kilometers away from Goma, in their natural environment at a price of three to four hours walk and a lot of patience. For the fittest ones, the boiling lava lake of Mount Nyiragongo can be reached, after five hours of uphill ascents.