It’s the end of November and we are starting to wrap up the first issue of the year 2022 dedicated to travel in Africa.


Green technologies, electric vehicles, energy transition, commitments on the end of coal, nuclear power, hydrogen… By 2030, innovative economic models for a “new world”, new consumption habits, etc. are taking shape. So many subjects that constitute the real stakes of our survival. A crucial meeting for the future of our planet and our children was held in Glasgow.
The alarmist conclusions of the IPCC’s special report (Group of Experts on Climate Change), released in August, did not trigger the shockwave we had been waiting for. The conclusions of the experts could not be clearer: at this rate, we are heading straight for a planetary catastrophe, with a warming well above the 2°C of the Paris Agreement – and up to more than 4°C according to the darkest scenarios, the consequences of which will be catastrophic for all humanity.

The effects of rising temperatures are already being felt on all continents. Climate disasters are becoming more frequent and violent, leading to the decline of agriculture and food chains as a chain effect. Rise in sea levels of 20 centimetres between 1900 and 2018, disappearance of inhabited islands, erosion of coastlines, extinction of animal species, disruption of marine currents that help regulate the climate, hordes of climatic migrations, wars over water and arable land, disappearance of the forests of Africa – as in Ivory Coast where 90% of the forest has disappeared in the last thirty years. Let’s stop burying our heads in the sand! It is clear that the whole living system, humans, fauna and flora, will be in danger in less than 100 years. While it is a question of life and death, the real scandal would be that, for financial and political reasons, nothing is done to save the planet and the millions of human beings who will be the first victims of the climate crisis.
The good news is that it is not yet irreparable.


As we close this issue, a small minority of us will have the wonderful privilege of experiencing the magic of the holiday season. I wish each and every one of you a wonderful and happy 2022. Together, let us decide to continue to embody the change that our children will inherit. This statement is more relevant than ever: “Man is a nomad, he is made to wander, to discover what is on the other side of the mountain, what connects him to the “Other”… In 2022, we will continue to explore with Hamaji Magazine new paths that will lead us to the “Other”.

I would like to thank the advertisers of Hamaji Magazine who support our work and our commitment to offer quality reading on the African continent, in priority in the DRC where we are based. Thank you to the readers of Hamaji Magazine around the world who collect every issue of our publication and follow us on social networks.

Please continue to take care of yourselves.

Marie-Aude Delafoy