We take a look at the Famke Jewellery phenomenon and the rise of this young award-winning artisan and explore the depth of her eclectic, offbeat range.

Famke JewelleryFamke is an innovative jewellery design company founded by Famke Koene, a young industrial designer based in Cape Town. Famke jewellery is unique in that it aims to combine hard, geometric shapes with soft, natural objects. This fusion results in jewellery that is both visually intriguing and simple by design.

Famke Koene:“ I am inspired and strive to create things that are never-ending and last forever. Objects to create and celebrate never-ending relationships and bonds between people.

Necklace Famke JewelleryBones, stripped raw by the sun… its like they never give up on life, they remain, even after the body and soul has left. I celebrate that strength, that tenacity and persistence and design objects for relationships that strive to do the same.

Honesty, history, integrity are keywords in my creative process. My geo shapes are designed to say that it doesn’t matter how odd, irregular, unpolished, imperfect you are, because YOU ARE PERFECT! That is where the integrity comes in, from the honesty and the acceptance of the history of who we are and where we come from. “

Famke JewelleryThe combination of Famke’s hard geometric constructions with natural and ‘found’ objects invites the viewer to make an emotional connection with each individual piece. Her work stands to bridge the gap between these two contrasting worlds, and the resulting pieces are both visually captivating and poetic in their simplistic depth.