Travelling across the continent, Emma Vidal of Franco-Nigerian origin captures her experiences with intention. Visiting countries such as Ivory Coast, Morocco, the Seychelles, South Africa, Madagascar, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Togo, or Cameroon, Emma seeks to document the optimism, ambition and positivity she’s witnessed throughout her journey.

“I live and travel all over Africa with the desire to tell the world, and in particular the Africans diaspora, that our continent holds the most magnificent cultural and natural sites, as well as hospitality services” This effervescence, this Afro-optimism, is something Emma takes to heart. Motivated by an impatience to see the tourism of our continent develop, Emma’s contribution is to deconstruct and reconstruct the image of our continents countries in a way that reflects their true beauty.

Rencontre avec M.Niang, sculpteur de bois, au Marché Kermel de Dakar

“We must have confidence in ourselves. The world is beautiful, Africa is magnificent, and it is up to the children of the continent to be its first ambassadors.”