If there was an island that most of us consider to be the end of the world, it would be Easter Island. There, time stands still… Let’s go meet the Moais !

Land of Moais

Although the volcanic island is part of Chile, it is located about six hours away from Santiago, the capital city. You can take one of the daily flights to Latam, or the weekly flight that will get you to Tahiti in eight hours. These are the only two airlines serving Easter Island, the alternative being a cruise or a much more adventurous sailing trip.

Nothing is easy there. The products and goods arrive either by air or after days of sailing at sea. Those with a large holiday budget will certainly prefer to stay at the Explora Rapa Nui. If as for many of us, your budget has already been swallowed up in the flights to reach Easter Island, the best price/quality option would be the Kaimana Inn in Hanga Roa’s main village.Aeroport in Land of Moais

There is no shortage of activities and adventures here. First of all, you will have to discover the tens of Moais. These charming stone giants have not yet revealed all their secrets. It is actually quite the opposite : after decades of research, we still know too little about the origin of these giants. Although explanations abound, there is no certainty on the horizon. The stone giants of the South Pacific keep all their mysteries.

Renting a quad is the ideal transport option to discover the volcanic island. Get ready for sumptuous sunrises and sunsets. However, the green grass that covers the volcanic rock shows how much it rains around there. You are warned, come equipped, and plan several days to live your adventures.

Here, enjoy long walks, whether on foot or on horseback. But why not also dive into the South Pacific? Due to volcanic rock formations, the underwater fauna is less abundant, but the visibility is incredible, reaching up to 200 meters underwater. And you won’t miss the visit to the submerged Moais. Sorry to break the myth, but it’s actually a copy!Beach on Land of Moais

Gastronomy is not the strong point of the island. Everything is shipped so you too will arrive with your Chilean wine bottles! You can enjoy a delicious lunch of tuna and cheese empanadas on the harbour, while watching young people surf or play football.

In Easter island, time stops, so we take our time and the island gives it back. You will meet other lucky adventurers like yourself to share these exceptional moments. Don’t forget to also interact with the locals. Life is not easy in such a remote area, but the smiles are always there!Foods on Land of Moais

And if your budget allows it… why not continue further West, all the way to Tahiti!