Meeting with the Ivoirian comedian, Digbeu Cravate who participated in the Festival du Rire (Laughter Festival) in Kolwezi in July 2018. Hamaji Magazine met him.

HAMAJI MAGAZINE: Digbeu, when on vacation where do you spend most of your time: in the city, on the beach or out and about exploring nature?


HM: A 3 words definition of a journey

DIG: It all depends on the type of journey. In my case, I often go on different kinds of journeys: business trips, ‘conquest’ trips and holiday trips.

HM: What is your dream destination ?

DIG: Hawaii

HM : What is your favourite place in the world?

DIG: New York at 3am

HM : Any favourite hotel?

DIG: Most of my favourite hotels are located in Dubai

HM : Your favorite restaurant in the world?

DIG : My wife’s kitchen

HM : On an Island what would you take with you?

DIG : A stone

HM : Your last trip?

DIG: Paris, for my show at the Trianon.

HM : Your next trip?

DIG: My next big trip will be in 2019 for some new project.

HM : What would you ask if the answer was yes?

DIG: Give me the key to eternal success (laughs)



1969: My year of birth.
1980 : Year my father passed away
November 20, 2010 : My wedding