After studying graphic design in Switzerland, the 36 years old young boss from multicultural backgrounds, returned to the DRC in 2007 to modernize communication and contribute to the development of his country.

Leader of the communication agency MUSAL SARL, he is the initiator of «KBM» Katanga Business Meeting, the first exhibition of Lubumbashi companies, a unique event in the DRC and the PopUp Cinema.

When on vacation where do you spend most of your time, in the town, on the beach or out and about exploring nature?
Beach for a nap and the ocean for scuba diving. Water and sunlight are the perfect ingredients to reboost.
Describe your trip in 3 words.
A new lifestyle
What is your dream destination?
Cuba, an island where beauty and romance can be seen at every corner.
What is your favourite place in the world?
The docks of Lake Geneva, offering a landscape between freshwater and mountains, as pleasant in winter as in summer.
Favourite hotel?
Green and Blue in Zanzibar, a nest of love!w
Your favourite restaurant in the world?
The Twelve Apostles, Cape Town in South Africa
On an island what would you take with you (key items)?
My snorkel equipment, the rest is to be discovered there.
Back in time…
When I was 21 years old, a turning point in my life filled with intense moments
Your last trip:
Family holidays in one of my home islands, Cyprus.
Your next trip:
With my special one on a romantic island
Your most sentimental objects
My keys, they all have their importance. My passport, synonym of holiday

Costas Coursaris : key dates

1978 : My birth in Lubumbashi

1997 : My arrival in Switzerland for my studies.

2001 : I met my wife, and moved to Belgium

2007: I got married, went back to the DRC. Birth of my eldest son followed by a second one 3 years later.

2014 : The first edition of Katanga Business Meeting