Coach Sonia, a certified motivator with her 700,000 followers on social networks, has a mission: to inspire and bring fulfilment to people who suffer from broken hearts, incessant failures, rejection, abuse, suicidal thoughts or chronic depression. With a technique of her own, she restores their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Sonia Mabiala has been coaching individuals and groups for almost 15 years. Motivating the masses, Sonia’s videos have been viewed millions of times across all social medias. Her inspiring messages transform lives. She answered Hamaji Magazine’s questions.

On vacation, are you more of a city, beach or nature person ?

A 3-word definition of your ideal holiday
Relaxation, calm and discovery

Your dream trip
An atypical setting, pleasant and quiet with good cocktails

Your favourite place in the world
No specific place in mind

Favourite hotel
A 5 star hotel with excellent customer service

On an island what would you take with you ?
My bible and some music

Your last trip
Miami, United States

Your next trip
It will be in a professional context on the African continent. I can’t give any further information. Follow me and you will know sooner or later

What would you ask if the answer was “yes”?
For all women to become free, fulfilled and influential


700,000 followers on social networks
Million views on her videos
Over 15 years of individual coaching experience