Hamaji Magazine has tested for you the Top Five “places to be” in Kinshasa. Tonight, it is on the eighth floor of the first building built in Central Africa that the night begins.

The ChaCha Bar audaciously overlooks the city. The building, shaped like an ocean liner, offers at the end of its tip a magnificent terrace where delicious cocktails are offered.

View of Kinshasa from Chacha Bar

But not only … You will not escape the marvelous panoramic view that unfolds in front of you. On one side, the view over the city of Kinshasa and on the other side, the majestic river and Brazzaville.

Lounge at Chacha Bar

On the menu: lounge vibes, stylish decor, eclectic music mixes. The dancefloor enthusiasts will be the most delighted. Move it, groove it in ChaCha Bar. The night is still young but the temperature already starts rising…

Text and photos Catherine Trautes