The discipline, which is a mix of fighting, acrobatics, dance and music, was born in Brazil during the slave trade period. At the time, slaves deported from the Kingdom of Kongo practiced Libanda, a type of traditional wrestling that was banned by the settlers. The slaves gave this wrestling the appearance of folk dance, in order to be able to continue to practice.

In recent years, capoeira has found its way back to its roots and is now practiced in the streets of Kinshasa, one of the largest cities in Africa and the world. The city is home to a large number of street children called ‘shégués’. There are about 15,000 shégués in Kinshasa, who survive by begging and are often seen as thieves.
The return of capoiera to Kinshasa can be traced back to a few years ago when a group of young self-taught fans learned the movements and rhythms from videos on Youtube. To share their knowledge and passion, they organised free courses in different neighborhoods; courses that quickly attracted a large number of shégués, orphans and other young people from poor families.
It has given them the chance to discover much more than just a sport: capoeira teaches them fundamental values such as respect, listening, sharing, and self control. Above all, capoeira introduces them to a ‘family’ of likeminded people, where everyone can demonstrate their skills and talents to the others, infusing a sense of pride and hope that they can, one day, become somebody.


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