Crown Heights, Brooklyn is known for its laid back feel, beautiful browns town houses and countless historic buildings in every corner. Although Brooklyn is the home of the famous Brooklyn Museum, multiple niche shops and a multicultural community of local residents, what really gives this neighborhood an edge is its food culture.

Sitting at the corner of Park Place & Bedford avenue is Café rue dix, a Senegalese bistro founded by couple Lamine Diagne and Nilea Alexander with the aim of bringing a taste of home to Brooklyn. Upon my arrival at Café Rue Dix, I could feel a sense of home: the atmosphere felt familiar and it was very clear, considering the diverse group of patrons, that Café Rue Dix had created more than just a bistro but a community of fun and like-minded individuals getting together over good food. 

The Menu

Personally, I love it when a restaurant is able to stay true to its own identity but is still able to spice things up. I was impressed about the way Café Rue Dix is able to pair up both European dishes and Senegalese staples on its menu, while giving patrons an option to stick to classic meals with a traditional twist or try out some more experimental Senegalese specialties. The Western side of the menu is overseen by chef Ramon Ramirez while the Senegalese dishes are prepared by Khady Diba. Reading through the menu itself was quite an experience and I couldn’t help but notice one of my all-time favorite Senegalese meals: Thiéboudienne, red snapper slow-cooked with rice and giant vegetables. Yet, I was in the mood for the Steak Sandwich, which also heard a lot about, and I understood why: the delicious homemade rosemary ciabatta was generously packed with sliced prime rib, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, chimichurri, melted blue cheese, and served with a choice of fries or green salad. How good does that sound?! 

The Service

Excellent. The waiters were engaged and indeed at the visitor’s service for delivering the best possible experience. The dishes and drinks were quick to be served without delays. 

The Vibe

The vibe at Café Rue Dix captures the essence of a community bonding over good food, it felt almost like all the customers sitting and dining knew one another. The music issoft enough to have a conversation and if you sit at the bar, you will be lucky to watch the bartender walk you through the process of preparing his signature cocktails.

The Bill

The pricing on the menu was quite reasonable. My delicious steak sandwich was $17 accompanied by a $12 cocktail. 

The Location

The café’s location is quite central but what I found the most striking was the interior design: The appealing space, decorated with geometric patterns reminiscent of Senegalese textiles, has a nicely designed layout with natural light in the day, quite an airy ambience perfectly suited for hanging out with friends or for a meeting over some comfort food.