Atelier Relief is a place and it is a collective of artists and craftsmen dedicated to the creation and production of “Reliefs”, sculptural variations of an image. In collaboration with the photographers, they give their images a new dimension, both sculptural and architectural.
Hamaji Magazine met Farid Issa at the opening of the new branch of the Banque Commerciale du Congo in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo.
The idea was born from an obvious observation: photography is everywhere. Yet everywhere it is similar, more or less. It can be framed or not, printed on all kinds of media, but in the end it is always the same, always flat. An image is a representation of the material world. The idea is to (re)give it, then, dimension and materiality.
For three years now with Estelle, Matthieu, Morgane and Jérôme in design, Paulo, Mohammed and Thomas in production, we have been developing this idea both for exhibitions and for special projects, such as the collection we designed for the new branch of the Banque Commerciale du Congo in Lubumbashi.


A restaurant: If I have to choose one, then undoubtedly it has to be the Canterbury, near the Ixelles ponds. Try their American steak, salmon or soles – but always with fries! – and go with whoever you want, whenever you want: business lunch, dinner with friends, date (but don’t bring your lover or mistress, the whole of Brussels goes there!).
A bar: Chez Franz’s! Where else? Great atmosphere, always, and every night.
A place to discover: the Atelier Relief gallery, of course.
An iconic place: The Grand Place in Brussels. It is and will always remain the largest square, and should be visited preferably in the evening, late, when it is deserted. It is the best time to let yourself be transported into a magical world.
A place to discover: Kanal – Centre Pompidou. The last centre for contemporary art in the city of Brussels. You will be impressed by the works as well as by the space.