Bismack Biyombo, 2,06 meters makes his country proud through his achievements in the sport. This Congolese professional basketball player was born on the 28th August 1992 in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo. He usually plays at the power forward and center positions.

Bismack Biyombo’s career started at the BC Lupopo, Lubumbashi until he headed to Yemen where he played for 6 months. He was then spotted by Mario Palma (former coach of Jordania and Angola teams) at the age of sixteen in a youth tournament in Yemen.
In 2009, he makes his debuts in the Spanish ACB team. He then moved to Spain, in the third division (LEB Plata), to CB Illescas, basketball club of the city of Illescas.
In January 2011, Esteban Batista, Fuenlabrada’s center, leaves the club to start playing for Caja Laboral. Bismack Biyombo is then integrated in the team. He played his first game on 9th January 2011 against DKV Joventut.

Biyombo scored 5 points and 7 rebounds in 13 minutes after the game started. On the 16th January, Fuenlabrada plays against Real Madrid and Biyombo recorded 6 points with 2 rebounds and 3 blocks, one of them against former Spanish League MVP and Spanish national team player, Felipe Reyes. After this achievement, he will quickly become the Liga’s favourite.
At the 2011 Nike Hoop Summit, he recorded a triple double, with 12 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 blocks. It was the first recorded triple-double in the Summit’s history. He becomes the new NBA star and is placed within the first ten best players by many specialists.

After having integrated the teams of many different clubs like Charlotte Bobcats and Sacramento Kings, he signed a two-years contract with Toronto Raptors in 2015.
On the 30th March 2016, owing to his performance in a game against Atlanta Hawks, he guided the Raptors to a 105-97 win over the Hawks, helping his team record a 56-win season for the first time in franchise history.
He eventually signs a contract with Orlando Magic.
After a good season with Toronto, 56-win season for the franchise, Biyombo decided to sign a contract with the Orlando Magic.
Born in Lubumbashi, Biyombo wishes to help young Congolese basketball players to continue their studies, reach an international level and flourish on the international stage. Bismack Biyombo recently achieved the construction of an international school and a basketball academy with an indoor basketball court in Goma and intends to implement additional projects (for instance a project to build a training camp for young Congolese basketball players) in Kinshasa, in Goma (North Kivu), Kisangani (Tshopo) and in Lubumbashi (Katanga).
Hamaji Magazine met him during one of his visits in Lubumbashi, DRC.


When on vacation where do you spend most of your time: in the city, on the beach or out and about exploring nature?
A 3 words definition of a journey
Curiosity – Nature – Relaxing
What is your dream destination ?
A trip to my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo
What is your favourite place in the world ?
My country, the DRC
A hotel
The Armanyara on an island in the Bahamas
Your favourite restaurant in the world ?
Mister Charles, Los Angeles
On an island what would you take with you ?
My family, some books
A journey back in time…
The struggle, back when I was still living in DRC
Your last trip
Cabo, in Mexico. I spent my holidays there with my sponsor.
Your next trip
Kinshasa and then Goma in DRC. And the South Africa before heading back home in Los Angeles.
What question would you ask if the answer was “yes” ?
Peace for my country

Key Dates

1- My birthday in 28 août 1992
2- My parents birthdays
3- 2012 : the very first time a young congolese player from Lubumbashi was trasnferred towards the USA. I felt a deep joy.
4- 2011 : The Nike Hoop Summit, biggest game of my career. It changed my life and opened for me the NBA doors. 2018 : play off series in the USA. We have to win !



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