The Land of a Thousand Hills is committed to the future and is developing responsible luxury tourism. In the Volcanoes National Park, Bisate, an ecolodge with traditional architecture, is a spectacular demonstration of this. Added to this is an unforgettable experience: meeting the greatest apes on the planet.

In this region, which is now focused on a high-end tourist future, which aims to reconcile ecology and the enhancement of its natural treasures, Bisate offers a base camp for exceptional hikes. Created by Wilderness, Bisate Lodge is an ecolodge located in the heart of a volcano theatre, where six “nests” of thatch and papyrus welcome travellers. The project is a holistic and responsible approach. The creators explain: “Thirty-five years ago, we fell in love with a secret and original Africa. We realized that if we did not act, some unique places would be lost. Our dream: to preserve them by allowing people to visit them, and communities to take root in them. Perched at an altitude of 2800 metres, the “nests” with their conical roofs are hidden in a lush forest setting. Their spacious verandas open onto the surrounding peaks, the Bisoke and Karisimbi volcanoes. The houses and interior design are inspired by traditional architecture and Rwandan culture. Signed by the very chic South African firm Artichoke and Teta Isibo (artistic director of Inzuki Designs in Kigali), the decoration draws on local craftsmanship.

Responsible Neotourism
The staff comes from the village. Fruits and vegetables are grown on site. Plastic is no longer an option. Reusable water bottles are filled at the source of the volcanoes. In Bisate, the mountain water is heated by solar panels.
The welcome gift will make you aware of the new challenges and the place of man in his ecosystem. It is with a cutting of a tree to plant that you will be welcomed by the camp agronomist. Your modest contribution to the reforestation program to eliminate eucalyptus trees. A species introduced at the beginning of the 20th century that was far too water-hungry. In eighteen months, more than 20,000 endemic tree plans have repopulated the gorilla playground. Primates of the area, they look with their benevolent eyes at this extension of the domain of neotourism, which combines in a sustainable way, exclusivity and protection of biodiversity.


The Fauna
Bisate Lodge is located by car near the entrance to the park, from where hikes to the primates start every day. Walks on the Bisate property also allow you to observe birds and participate in the reforestation program.
In addition to the area’s iconic mountain gorillas, other mammals live in Volcanoes National Park: the golden monkey, the side-stripe jackal, the serval, the black-fronted cephalophe, the buffalo, the elephant, the tree hyrax, the ibex and the Egyptian mongoose. There are also various types of squirrels and genets. Of the 178 bird species in the region, at least 13 are endemic to the Virunga region, such as the archer’s robin, the black mountain boubou, the strange weaver, the built rwenzori and the apalis.

What we love about Bisate Lodge
– Spend some time in the nursery and help reforest the area by planting a tree.
– Join the lodge’s chef as he ventures to the local market to find the fresh ingredients of the day and meet warm and welcoming people.
– Go on a pilgrimage to Dian Fossey’s tomb

The rates
Standard rates do not only concern the quality of the accommodation. They include elements that cannot be measured, such as exclusive access to large areas of one of Africa’s best nature reserves. All this creates a unique feeling of isolation, comfort, privacy and space. In return, your presence will help in the conservation of all these areas. A dedicated team works in collaboration with your travel agency to design a trip that fits your budget and wishes.