Kazadi Sikasso is a stylist and fashion designer. He founded in DRC the fashion brand 6kasso, which became a must on African catwalks since Kinshasa Fashion Week in 2015.

His inspiration, which finds its roots in his numerous trips to West Africa, prints out on his work some traditional influences.

There is an exhibition of materials in Sikasso’s latest collection: raffia, Maasais’ shuka, cotton from Burkina Faso, linen and the indigo from Mali.

The third edition of KINSHASA FASHION WEEK noted some particularities in terms of the materials used by the creators. INDIGO and the collection presented by Sikasso Kazadi was noticed by the creativity and research of accessories, hairstyles, jewelry, bags and patterns. True research efforts about the Mali fashion culture combined with that of sub-Saharan Africa. Added to this is a perfectly accomplished touch of modernity.